Romancing the Muse: Creative Writing Workshop

Kindle your inspiration
Discover your authentic voice
Generate powerful writing
Hone your creative skills

Every one of us has a poet, a storyteller, a voice within us needing to be heard. Remarkable writing occurs when we pay attention to that voice and develop it in a supportive setting.

Open to writers in all genres and at all levels of experience, we write together and share our writing in a supportive and highly stimulating environment, delving into the essential tools of the art and craft of writing.

This approach is profoundly effective for cultivating your authentic voice and freeing your muse, for all sorts of writing—from poetry to screenplays, memoir to fiction, from writing as healing to writing for publication, from beginners to experienced writers.

* If you have a story, poem, book, or some words inside you and you would love to get them flowing onto the page…
* If you want to develop your authentic voice and learn tools of the writer’s craft to make your writing shine…
* If you would love inspiration, momentum, supportive feedback and to learn an amazing process for unleashing your brilliant writing…

This is for you!


If you are interested in this workshop, email me here to be the first to know when I schedule it.

“I loved the experience of discovery, of new writing and new perspectives
unfurling naturally like the opening of a flower…
allowing the work to write itself, because it’s been there all along, waiting for the pen to outline its form.”
“I love feeling the freedom to write and read what I had written. The collective voices I heard were
amazing – each telling their own story with reflections of what they are as a person.”

“It has opened a window to myself – to expression, to connect again to the voice that speaks to me and wants to be known and heard through language on paper-and ever so much more. Totally loved it!”

“You filled my toolbox with ideas not just for writing but preparing for all kinds of creativity.”


6 Essential Ingredients of
a Brilliant Life

Discover what you need to thrive creatively

​Get action steps to bring each ingredient into your life

Feel inspired again!