An Introduction to the Artist’s Way

In this 55-minute teleseminar Maxima Kahn shares with you what The Artist’s Way journey is all about, the foundations of the course, the structure of the course, why it’s so needed at this time in our world, and how it has brought such life-changing results to thousands of people. Also includes a guided meditation to help you connect with your own creative spark.

Note: There are about 15-20 seconds of music before the teleseminar begins.

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Creative Sparks provides tools, guidance and soul inspiration about once a week to:

  • Ignite and sustain your creativity
  • Identify and realize your heart’s true dreams
  • Create a life of passion, purpose and deep play

We also devote space to:

  • The writing life and poetry
  • Transforming the wounds, false beliefs, and limiting patterns that bind us
  • Navigating this crazy world as a creative, sensitive, heart-centered being

We are soul-crafting here.

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