Creativity Coaching & Mentoring
to Create Your Inspired Life
of Passion, Purpose and Deep Play


I work with heart-centered creatives, artists and dreamers, who are searching for lives of passion, joy and fulfillment, and are struggling to realize their heart’s dreams.

I will show you how to throw off the limits to your creativity, inner freedom and big dreams, so that you can live with joyful aliveness, inspired action, and life-changing rewards benefiting our world.

I offer a unique, powerful blend of creativity coaching, life coaching, soul guidance, and profound transformational tools that you won’t find anywhere else.

What do you dream of?

Whether it’s writing a book, singing on stage, making time for your art, starting a business doing what you love, or creating a beautiful, balanced life, the Dreamtending steps are the same. I can teach you those steps and help you get unstuck now. You can shift from frustrated to actually seeing your dreams come to life.

People who work with coaches and mentors make radical leaps that those who struggle alone do not.

We all need support, guidance, tools and structure to realize the greatness within us.

None of us can do this alone.

  • If you have a life dream and you don’t know how to make it a reality…
  • If you’ve got a creative project that you are yearning to see come to fruition…
  • If you’re in transition, feeling stuck, confused, and need help rekindling your passion and joy and discovering your next steps…
  • If you long to create a beautiful, inspired life of meaning, deep satisfaction and aliveness…

I would be honored to work with you.

Click here to schedule a free Discovery Session with me.
I’ll answer your questions and we’ll explore how we can make miracles together.

When you sign up for creativity coaching with me, you get one-on-one, tailored support, tools and steps to:

♥ Gain radical clarity on what you desire to create with your life. I’ll help you vision your heart’s dreams and create a map to fulfill them. We’ll sort “should” dreams from true heart’s dreams. That way, you are walking your heart path to true fulfillment, freedom and joy

♥ Identify what’s really been holding you back. Many people are surprised by this.

♥ Clear outer obstacles. Create healthy boundaries and habits of body, mind, heart and spirit to support your flourishing.

♥ Clear inner obstacles. Learn extraordinary, life-changing tools to transform your blocks, limiting beliefs and behaviors. Experience the freedom, love and joy that you are.

Meditating person♥ Create vital structures that allow your dreams to flourish. Dreams need the proper conditions to bloom and bear fruit.

♥ Learn to co-create what you long for in life. Rather than trying to go it alone, beating yourself up, and creating stress, overwhelm and frustration. I’ll teach you how to connect with your innate enthusiasm, guidance and inspiration. And summon a field of support to bring big dreams to life in practical, powerful ways.

How It Works

I offer my Creativity Coaching in packages of 6 sessions to be used within a 3-month time frame. Most of my students choose to work with me for a year or longer. This gives us enough time for you to learn my revolutionary IMAGINE Dreamtending process, experience deep transformation of limiting blocks and receive ongoing support to see your life dreams bear fruit. Big dreams require time and devotion. Once you learn these tools, you can use them for a lifetime of fulfilling your dreams.

If you simply want to get unstuck, get clarity and get moving, or resolve a particular challenge, a single 6-session package can be enough.

In each package, you receive:

  • Six 50-minute sessions, one-on-one with me (in person, by phone, or Skype). We go deep into uncovering your dreams and gifts, transforming your blocks and creating structures to support your flourishing.
  • Handouts, tools and processes of my unique IMAGINE Dreamtending system so you can actually reach your creative life dreams.
  • One emergency life support call (10-20 minutes) to get help and answers when you need them most.
  • Email support all along the way to give you the encouragement, feedback, guidance and accountability you need to thrive.

I will walk with you every step of the way, teaching you the proven tools and step-by-step process to create the life your heart longs for. And it’s all individually tailored to your desires, needs and challenges.

Let’s make your dreams come true!

Happy woman2_123rfYour Investment

All life works on the principal of exchange. The exchange for a 6-session Mentoring Package is $747.
Sliding scale and payment plans available.

If you are ready to make a commitment to your life, your dreams and your creativity, and have this extraordinary level of support in your life

Contact me to schedule a complimentary Discovery Session now!

To your extraordinary life,


Testimonials from Maxima’s Creativity Coaching

In Maxima’s private mentoring sessions…she has been able to give me personal feedback and targeted strategies that have helped me discover, visualize, and realize my creative life dreams and goals. One of the best things is that Max has helped me see that every day can be lived creatively with fun, play, and joy. She did NOT tell me how to live but helped me discover the dreams and life that I most want and then found ideas, strategies, and tools that have enabled me to take the steps towards those life dreams. She has done all this with compassion, patience, and wisdom. She also taught me to regularly listen to my deepest self and that dreams are not set in stone and can change as I change and grow. If you want more creativity and joy in your life, I highly recommend working (or as she would say, playing) with Max. Whether it is a group class or private mentoring…you will discover that she gives her all to helping you discover and then live the joyful and creative life you dream of living.” —J.S.

Max is a marvel! I couldn’t ask for a better writing mentor. Not only does she possess the spiritual and intellectual depth needed to get to the heart of what I’m trying to say, she also has the poetic vision without which I would probably never discover my soul’s true voice. I’m continuously amazed at her ability to suggest just the right practice to move me past whatever “block” I’m experiencing in the moment. Most of all, she’s helped me realize that good writing must come from the depths of one’s being and that apart from a strong coherence between what I’m saying and how I’m living, nothing I write will be worth reading. Beyond her reverent attention to words, Max has been instrumental in fostering my own personal development so that my words can speak my being with greater clarity and force. It’s with deep gratitude and pleasure that I recommend her to anyone seeking to liberate the artist within.” –C.H.

The work and sessions I’ve had with you have been some of the most healing and transformative of my life. The road to recovery with my creative life, the recognizing of my artist child [within] and the synchronistic experiences that come about by granting essential worth to my enthusiasm has been a supported paradigm shift that has transformed my reality profoundly for the better and healthier.
I’ve been amazed over and over again, when I bring these places of myself to you, what you are able to do with them with me. Just incredible work, Max. It has brought something to me that no one else has ever brought to me. Thank you so much.
The way Maxima guides and facilitates this experience of self-discovery and empowerment is very deep, clear, honest, direct, fun, practical, magical and to the point, bringing me closer to the source of my own creative imagination.

It gives me the tools to experience that my deepest desire of the heart and my most intimate dreams are real and possible, and are at the core of my inherent existence.

It has strengthened self-confidence and trust in what I am and have to share, coming from a place of empowerment instead of a place of doubt and negative beliefs.

I feel not only more grounded in the terrain of my life but definitely I have a much clearer and stronger standing towards the full expression of the creative spirit that I am.

I’ve wished for much of my life that I could develop my ability to write creatively.  My primary resistance has been a general lack of confidence. In the past  I have tended to give up before seriously attempting to begin a project.

Max’s help has made a huge difference. As a writer and teacher her intimate understanding of the challenges of finding her own authentic, creative voice has enabled her to be wonderfully supportive and understanding of others in their own quest.

She is a deeply attuned listener who, while very sensitive and respectful, is not afraid to ask probing question, guide internal self-exploration, and offer constructive suggestions. Her love of writing and creativity in general has made her, for me, a very enthusiastic partner. She has been particularly helpful in helping me explore the resistance generated by my own harsh self-critic and begin to develop a more trusting relationship with the part of myself that longs for creative expression. She has been wonderfully helpful in providing ongoing, consistent support and has become a great antidote to my tendency to lose myself in the search for a deeper creative connection.


“When I found myself floundering with a couple of major writing projects, I sought some extra guidance to get them moving along. With a delightful manner, combining trust, patience, discipline and play, Max has been immensely helpful in guiding my writing practice, and now my book projects are progressing nicely. I feel like I’m retrieving important things that became background for many years. I’ve got much more of a clear direction. I have new aspirations about what I want to do, and feel more confident how to proceed.”



6 Essential Ingredients of
a Brilliant Life

  • Connect with what you love
  • Give your life renewed focus!
  • Thrive in Your Creativity!