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Discover the Six Essential Ingredients
You Need to Create a Brilliant Life

You know that moment when you are consumed in the act of creation, doing something that you love?

Inspired, you forget time and place, you forget self-consciousness. You feel powerful, lit up. It’s one of the best feelings in the world.

The next day or a week later, you struggle to even get yourself to begin that same activity. You avoid it and make excuses and procrastinate.

The same thing happens with our big life dreams. One day we feel empowered to move towards them, feeling on top of the world. The next, we feel crushed, hopeless, wondering“What’s the point?” or “Maybe I’m just being ridiculous to try for this.” or“Maybe I don’t even want this.”

What I have found, again and again, is you are usually missing one or more of the 6 Essential Ingredients for all artists and dreamers to be able to live a brilliant, beautiful life.

Inside this 14-page E-Booklet...

  • You'll learn the 6 Essential Ingredients to create your brilliant life.
  • You'll discover what's been missing in your life that's keeping you stuck or uninspired.
  • You'll be given a practical Action Step to bring each Essential Ingredient into your life.

And you'll feel inspired and empowered to create your brilliant, creative life.
For artists and dreamers of all kinds, this is my gift to you!


I have learned possibly the most important tool I will ever learn. It has brought me so many wonderful things these past 3 months. It is a t​ool I will use forever. "


There have been umpteen shifts, realizations, manifestations and synchronicities. I've been able to step away from old patterns of thought and action that were no longer useful... "


​It gives me the tools to experience that my deepest desire of the heart and my most intimate dreams are real and possible, and are at the core of my inherent existence."

About Maxima Kahn

I am a poet, writer, dancer, musician, teacher and creator of Brilliant-

I work with heart-centered creatives, artists and dreamers, who are searching for more passion, joy, and fulfillment, and who are struggling to realize their life's dreams. I show them how to throw off the limits to their creativity, inner freedom and big dreams, so that they can live with joyful aliveness, inspired action, and life-changing rewards benefiting our world.

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6 Essential Ingredients of
a Brilliant Life

  • Connect with what you love
  • Give your life renewed focus!
  • Thrive in Your Creativity!