MaxCircleTransWelcome Home.

My name is Maxima Kahn
and this is the Brilliant Playground I created for you.

I work with big-hearted creatives, artists and dreamers,
who feel frustrated, stuck or confused in seeking to
fully express their creativity and create their hearts’ dreams.

I can show you how to:
♥ Powerfully unleash your creativity and unique gifts, 
♥ Sustain a creative life and realize big dreams,
♥ C
reate your inspired life of passion, purpose and deep play.

You’ll also discover how to live from your innate wholeness, freedom and joy.
(More fun, less effort.)

Ready? Come Play With Me.

The work and sessions I’ve had with you have been some of the most healing and transformative of my life.

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Maxima, you are exceptional as a teacher: intuitive, supportive, enthusiastic, as well as having a wealth of your own experiences to draw from.

I was so stuck, so firmly and fearfully rooted in place before taking this class…how could I not be happy with being set free? Thank you, Maxima, from the bottom of my joyful heart.

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Creativity Coaching/ Creative Life CoachingYou want to write, dance, paint, act, sing. . . but you struggle to make time and space for it.

You want to feel creatively inspired and on fire, expressing your unique voice and vision, but it comes in spurts with long dry spells.

You want to get your creative ideas out in the world, but you wrestle with self-criticism, doubts, fears, and procrastination.

You have big dreams for your life, but it’s incredibly hard to fulfill them. Sometimes it’s hard to even get clear what they are.

The years are going past, and there’s a deep longing in your heart to live a bigger, bolder, more fulfilled life.

I get it. I have been there too.

I can help you.

The way Maxima guides and facilitates this experience of self-discovery and empowerment is very deep, clear, honest, direct, fun, practical, magical and to the point, bringing me closer to the source of my own creative imagination.

It gives me the tools to experience that my deepest desire of the heart and my most intimate dreams are real and possible, and are at the core of my inherent existence.

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What is Brilliant Playground?

Brilliant Playground is a place for creative people of all kinds to come home to your heart and soul, and:

dancing in the waves_123rfPowerfully ignite your creative fire.

Free yourself of creative blocks, limiting beliefs and frustrating patterns.

Uncover your heart’s dreams and create a life of  profound joy and fulfillment.

Learn the practical and magical tools and steps to bring your deepest dreams to life.

Discover your unique gifts and live as the magnificent, alive being you came here to be.

That is a radical gift to our world.

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

—Howard Thurman, philosopher, educator and civil rights leader

Join me for the deepest kind of play!


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“It feels like more has happened inside me in 14 days as far as deep insights and healing… than in 14 years of deep spiritual work and healing. Truly remarkable.”

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6 Essential Ingredients of
a Brilliant Life

Discover what you need to thrive creatively

​Get action steps to bring each ingredient into your life

Feel inspired again!