Maxima Kahn

Welcome Home.

Are you longing for more creativity, passion and joy?

Do you have big dreams for your life but you feel frustrated, stuck or confused about how to realize them?

Do you yearn to connect with a deep, ongoing sense of inspiration and fulfillment?

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My name is Maxima Kahn, the Empress of Play.
This is the Playground I created for you.

I work with big-hearted, creatives, artists and dreamers like you, who are searching for more inspiration, passion and spark and are struggling to create the extraordinary life their hearts dream of.

I show you how to:
powerfully unleash your creative fire and unique brilliance
and connect with your innate wholeness, freedom and joy,
and I walk you through the practical, potent tools and steps to
co-create a life of passion, purpose and deep play.

What is Brilliant Playground?

Brilliant Playground is a place for creative people and imaginative dreamers of all kinds to come home to your heart and soul, and:

dancing in the waves_123rfFree yourself of creative blocks, limiting beliefs and old wounds. Get out of your own way so you can truly shine and live life to the fullest.

Powerfully ignite your creativity. Feel creatively alive and expressed, flowing with inspiration and lit up from within.

Uncover your heart’s dreams that lead to your path of joy and profound fulfillment. Learn the practical tools and steps to co-create with Life to have your deepest dreams come true.

Feel excited and empowered to create a life around what you love. Finally, make the time and space for YOU.

Connect with other brilliant playmates and companions. Have the support and companionship you need to thrive.

Discover your unique gifts and live as the magnificent being you came here to be. Be an inspiration and blessing to others.

That is a radical gift to our world.

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”
—Howard Thurman, philosopher, educator and civil rights leader

♥ If your heart and soul are calling you to explore and express your creativity in a bigger way,

♥ If you’re eager to uncover your authentic gifts and share them,

♥ If you’d love to live an artful, joyful life, following your path of heart,

Join me for the deepest kind of play!

Find out more about Brilliant Playground here.

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“Thanks to you, your Artist’s Way class got me started on a new path, questioning what I was settling for and getting me in the mindset of living a bolder, more creative lifeNow I am lucky to have the best partner, travel to exotic locales, and expand my environmental education work.”

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“The course was much juicier and impactful than I’d even hoped. It feels really life-changing for me. Not only has it given me gobs of insight into what keeps me from creating, it’s also given me the ability to move forward in my work finally, to start writing stories again, to begin (again) exploring movement and voice. And above all to believe that doing that work is, in fact, …brave, honorable, essential.

So thanks Max. You were fabulous. I was blown away by your ability to lean on people, encourage them, tease out the problems, stoke the fires, help people get on with it. You’re really really good at this and I feel incredibly lucky to have stumbled upon the class.”

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